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The TuboAir idea brought us to its natural evolution, guided by the necessity to have warmth in the whole house!

Once again only the unique tube bundle of Ungaro heat exchager allows the possibility to create a compact stove, easy to install and simple to clean.

The Tuboidro product range is characterized by the well-known heat exchanger Ungaro in stainless steel AISI 304 with a small volume of water circulating inside. The heaters are compleated with the hydraulic and electronic components as well as security mechanisms necessary for fast direct installation to the existing heating plant.

The combustion fumes make triple turnover inside of the heater. Years of high performance is guaranted if the heat exchanger is regularly cleaned using a dedicated built-in patented grate. The Tuboidro heater is fully maintained from the front: there are 3 boxes to collect and easily remove the residues from burnchamber and chimney.

A widely customizable timer with 3 programming options permits to set up ignitions during a day or for each day of the week. The heater can be regulated also from an external room thermostat.

The Tuboidro is just a bit over 30 cm deep, with the top or back smoke outlet and ductable hot air - it is a true space saver.